Solid Legal Advice: Credit Issues, Foreclosure And Debt Collection

Credit issues have become extremely common. Virtually anyone at any income level can fall into the trap of endless credit card payments. Unfortunately, this can bring about issues of creditor harassment, repossession and even foreclosure. In these difficult situations, filing for bankruptcy may be your best option for ending creditor actions and making a fresh financial start.

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Partial Payment Plan: A Bankruptcy Alternative

If your total debt is not a very large amount and you have regular income, bankruptcy is probably not for you. However, you can go to court and ask for a "partial payment plan" to pay off your creditors over time. If the court orders such a plan, it will stop your creditors from harassing you and other unpleasant activities such as repossessions and foreclosures.

Vehicle Repossession

If you have had a vehicle repossessed, you may be able to get it back from the auto loan lender by filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. Only Chapter 13 provides you with the opportunity to compel the lender to accept a repayment plan. The auto loan lender does not have to accept a repayment plan in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Forfeitures, Seizures And Levies

Filing for bankruptcy will stop land contract forfeiture, seizure of personal property and any levies against you. As soon as a bankruptcy case is filed, the court issues an order that prohibits creditors from following through judgments.

Collection Harassment

If you are receiving embarrassing telephone calls from creditors demanding payment of past-due bills or constant notices demanding payment of past-due bills, you will be able to stop these calls and notices by filing a bankruptcy case. As soon as a bankruptcy case is filed, the court issues an automatic stay which prohibits creditors from continuing to demand payment. The failure of a creditor to obey the order may result in legal action against the creditor and/or its collection agent.

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