How To Deal With Credit Card Debt

Excessive credit card debt is extremely common in the United States, with the average college student carrying thousands of dollars in balances and many families struggling with five-figure debts. High credit card balances can be symptomatic of another problem like a job loss, an illness, a divorce or a decline in business income.

When balances reach a point at which even the minimum payments are unaffordable, financial distress can ensue. If you are experiencing the stress of unmanageable credit card debt, you may be considering bankruptcy as an option for relief.

Finding Solutions To Serious Problems

Fortunately, unsecured credit card debt is a treatable problem. Through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is often possible to discharge debt and move on with a clean slate. The attorneys of Charles J. Schneider, P.C., based in Livonia, Michigan, help clients find relief from credit card debt and other stressful burdens. Our firm can help you find answers to critical questions like:

  • Should I keep paying the minimum balances on my credit card bills?
  • Can my other debts be discharged with the credit card debt?
  • Why are balance transfers not helpful?
  • What will happen to my credit if I put my credit card debt into a bankruptcy?
  • When will the credit card collectors stop pestering me?
  • Can getting rid of my credit card debt help me keep my house?
  • How long will my bankruptcy case take?
  • Do I earn too much to qualify for Chapter 7?
  • Can Chapter 13 be used to deal with my credit card debt?

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