Student Loan Debt: A Serious Financial Problem

Student loan debt has reached dangerously high levels in the U.S. Saddled with a financial burden that may exceed twice their annual salary or require payments that are higher than their rent or mortgage payments, borrowers may be desperate to find answers.

The truth is that there are no easy answers to the student loan crisis, but there are possible solutions to debt problems, including very hard situations related to student loan payments.

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The attorneys of Charles J. Schneider, P.C., based in Livonia, Michigan, provide guidance to individuals and families who are struggling with their student loans.

  • How can a solid plan for my credit card debt lead to good outcomes for my student loan payments?
  • Is it worthwhile to try to "save my credit" while neglecting important bills?
  • Can anything be done about the high interest rate on my student loan?
  • Can my student loan lender or servicer be forced to accept a payment plan?
  • What will happen if I default on my student loans?
  • Is it true that you have to be old or sick to have your student loans discharged?
  • If I can prove that I have low income, can I discharge or refinance my student loans?

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