Can I File Bankruptcy A Second Time?

One of the myths that people have about bankruptcy is that you can only file once. While there are restrictions with regard to how often you can file bankruptcy under a particular chapter of the Bankruptcy Code, there is no limit as to the number of times you can file bankruptcy.

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When Can I File For Bankruptcy?

You can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy once every eight years. However, you can also file Chapter 13 bankruptcy once every two years. You would not be prevented from filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy the day after your debts were discharged from your Chapter 7 filing.

Some people choose to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy immediately after their Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. This is sometimes referred to as a "Chapter 20" filing. Since Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy work differently, the Chapter 13 filing allows the debtor to discharge certain debts that can't be discharged in a Chapter 7 filing such as debts associated with a second mortgage.

In deciding when to file bankruptcy, it is important to look ahead and determine what debts you may incur in the foreseeable future. For example, if you have significant debts from a medical procedure, it may not make sense to file bankruptcy until after you have completed your treatment.

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