Bankruptcy Litigation And Appeals

Bankruptcy litigation and bankruptcy appeals are a specialized subset of bankruptcy work, and not all bankruptcy lawyers will handle contested bankruptcy cases or bankruptcy appeals.

At the law firm of Charles J. Schneider, P.C., we have extensive experience representing bankruptcy filers in contested bankruptcy cases and appeals. Our law firm has focused on bankruptcy law since its beginning days in 1977, and our founder and lead attorney has been a certified bankruptcy attorney since 1995.

If you have questions about bankruptcy litigation, or are seeking bankruptcy dispute advice, contact us online to schedule an appointment with a skilled and successful Livonia, Michigan, bankruptcy litigation attorney.

Bankruptcy Litigation In Michigan

Our law firm defends bankruptcy filers who find themselves caught up in bankruptcy litigation. Our job is to prevent people from losing their debt discharge. Usually, the issues that arise relate to accusations from the bankruptcy trustee that the client was dishonest during the bankruptcy filing — we combat these accusations with extensive investigation and persuasive argument to the bankruptcy court.

The types of bankruptcy litigation we have handled include issues such as:

  • Fraud allegations because a client took a cash advance within 70 days of filing the bankruptcy petition
  • Litigation over the value of property, which is often necessary in cases involving lien stripping or loan cram downs
  • Attorney malpractice that resulted in unreasonable delay in filing our client's petition, opening up the client to charges of falsifying records because the information was no longer accurate

Bankruptcy Appeals In Michigan

In addition to representing clients in disputed bankruptcy actions, our law firm also appeals decisions by the bankruptcy trustee or bankruptcy court that negatively impact our clients. Examples include:

  • An appeal to determine the correct formula to apply in a Chapter 13 case where the debtor had negative disposable income
  • An appeal to determine whether a filer's debt surpassed the jurisdictional limit on allowable secured debt
  • Whether a debtor who defaulted on a car loan during the Chapter 13 repayment period could keep his car
  • Whether a debtor should have a three-year plan instead of a five-year plan

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