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The U.S. Bankruptcy Code was written to provide you with a fresh financial start without the burden of unmanageable debt. One of the advantages of bankruptcy compared to other ways of dealing with debt is that it offers you the full protection of federal law. Creditors cannot harass you, and they cannot take any of your assets without approval from the bankruptcy court.
At Charles J. Schneider, P.C., we have been helping individuals and business owners in Michigan file for bankruptcy since 1977. Our law office is conveniently located in Livonia, Michigan, and we serve clients throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. We provide a free initial consultation to discuss your financial situation. For more information about bankruptcy and the protections it offers you, please refer to the following sections of this website:
  • Bankruptcy basics: There are two forms of bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Both forms of bankruptcy provide you with relief from debts, while protecting you from issues such as creditor harassment, repossessions, lawsuits and foreclosure.
  • Special bankruptcy situations: Some people seek bankruptcy protection to help them deal with a pressing financial issue such as a wage garnishment, foreclosure or debt associated with a second home.
What sets us apart from other bankruptcy law firms is personal attention and expert guidance from a certified bankruptcy attorney. Contact Livonia bankruptcy law lawyer Charles J. Schneider for a free initial consultation.

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